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In his search for beauty, Antonio Pagnotta reveals that which is eternal in our metier: the dimensions of Being and of Time, the sacred spheres of the metaphysical, all the while not forgetting the Doing as our work is primarily practical.

From the production of the grape to the tasting in the glass, “Time” is important: the time necessary for the development of the vineyard, for the growth of the grapes, for the maturing of the wine in the cellar, for the ageing in bottle, even for its final consummation in the mouth… Contrary to the world of the moment, the universe of wine beats to the time of patience, expectation, and desire.

Time, indispensable for the work of nature, is also necessary for the Doing of Man. The hidden beauty of the tools, the simplicity of techniques handed down through the centuries, the ingenuity of today’s machines…, so many facets of what remains an essentially physical work in our virtual age.

The world of wine is also fundamentally “Being-with”. Being in harmony with the environment of the vineyard; taking time to spend with visitors; tasting wine and socialising with friends. Wine reminds us that desire becomes pleasure in sharing.